Ambition is more important than intelligence. It is only with ambition that we can motivate ourselves to keep moving forward. What we have to do is to help our children make a good plan. Just like climbing, step by step to the top. Only by achieving the goal in stages can our children keep pursuing all the time.

We want our kids excited by everything they have done during their time at our school. They will have developed a zest for life so that they, in turn, go into the world ready and able to inspire others. This is the core pillar of the SNA Identity.

The aim of our education is to allow our kids to develop themselves fully in every sense. The pastoral care and focus on kid’s well-being at the school will value each and every kid as a unique individual. The journey to authenticity will also be reflected in our curriculum and co-curricular opportunities, where every kid discovers and develops fully their talents, passions and interests, knowing that interested children become interesting adults.

Our kinds will leave the school, not in a bubble of elitism, privilege and exclusivity, but with the moral values and social conscience to serve others and do good in life. This association includes a strong pride in coeducation, appreciation of the differences in life and diversity within society.

SNA kids must move into the world with the ability to think critically and to engage in deep learning. They will be able to study beyond the bounds of any curriculum, to be inquisitive and ask questions of everything around them, and be imbued with a life-long love of learning.