We believe that it is essential to ensure that our children eat well throughout the school day. All children are required to eat school lunches, except for those who have special exceptions, such as religious or medical reasons. Any reason for not being able to eat school lunches will require official documentation and permission from the children head of school. For children in Nursery and Reception, Children eat in our classroom, with lunch boxes  provided at their table. In addition to lunch, snacks are also provided.


Parents are encouraged to provide a healthy and filling mid-morning snack for their child(ren). Please be aware that for health reasons, SNA endeavors to be a nut-free school and therefore foods containing nuts are not permitted on campus.

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The lunch fee can be settled either annually or termly.

Lunch Fee Table for 2019/2020

in RMB





No. of Lunches

180 days

82 days

45 days

53 days

Set Menu





 SNA will provide special menu for those children have allergy to our weekly menu.

We have a food committee that consists of parents and staff representatives. The food committee offers all parties the chance to give feedback directly to School and regular surveys are taken and acted upon.

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