Educated at some of the world’s best universities, and with teaching experience at a wide range of outstanding schools in the UK and overseas, our staff members’ commitment and enthusiasm is second to none. All our teachers are fully involved in the co-curricular and pastoral side of school life, as well as in the classroom, leading to a mutually supportive working relationship between the academic and non-academic teams.

Our teachers have varied and interesting backgrounds in education as well as other industries and career paths. To put it mildly, they boast an extremely wide range of professional experiences and lifelong passions. We have teachers who have played football for England, cricket for Scotland, an ex-tennis pro, and even a professional boxer. There are qualified ski coaches and even a trampoline coach, Hollywood film casters, London bankers, linguists, cryptographers, mechanical engineers who sang with the London Symphony Chorus, computer programmers, photojournalists and animal behaviour specialists. They have published various historical works, analysed forgotten ancient scripts and languages, they have even been chased by the odd hippo. From kayaking over 300 km through the heart of Sayan Mountains in Siberia to travelling the globe teaching, learning and exploring, our teachers have achieved unbelievable things, and we have not even mentioned what they do in the classroom.

Every Wellington College teacher is a highly skilled practitioner, driven by a love of their subject and wider interests, and a genuine desire to inspire the pupils in their care. They are English native-speakers, except for our various language teachers, all fully-qualified, and have the experience of teaching at leading schools in their home countries and abroad. Most importantly, they are completely committed to their responsibility of enabling every Wellington pupil to discover and unlock their full potential.

Our Staff

Huaying Zhuang

Principal of the school, graduated from East China Normal University, majoring in preschool education.

Mrs Guo

The head teacher of  Junior Kindergarten. Graduated from Nanjing Normal University, majoring in preschool education. 10 years of teaching experience.

Mrs Cai

“Give children a ray of sunshine, children will give you a sun”, as a teacher engaged in the early childhood education industry for ten years, know that they have a long way to go, I hope to use their patience, love, careful accompany children’s life enlightenment stage.

Miss Tang

Graduated from the University of South Australia and has an in-depth understanding of international programs such as ALEVEL \ GRE \ AP.

Jian Ma

Graduated from Northeast Normal University, preschool education department. Engaged in kindergarten work for 6 years